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Are the images still mine on Instagram?

Yes, technically they are but when you sign up for Instagram you can see their terms and conditions which will state that although the images are still yours Instagram has the right to use them royalty free. It’s a bit like buying a new TV but your friend can come and watch it whenever he wants too.

However, if you are in business and using Instagram this is exactly what you are looking for; free use and the potential for your photo to be shared with as many people as possible.

Data from the Social Habit shows us that 61% of Instagram users have been active in the past twenty four hours which makes sites such as UpMyProfile are useful for businesses to find active users who will interact frequently on Instagram and with the facility to buy Cheap Instagram Likes business users can hit a potentially massive target audience by using good images from their work environment.

Being image based Instagram is attracting more and more users who are too busy to spend time typing on such applications as Facebook and Twitter and the facility to just take a photo and upload it within seconds which for any business could be a huge advantage over rivals not yet switched on to the social networking revolution.

Another advantage of upmyprofile is that you can get a lot of active users to follow you very quickly so by using Cheap Instagram Likes any company with an eye on spreading their brand (perhaps globally) can almost instantly grow a following that will be proactive in adding likes to any images posted. And the more posted the more chance they have of reaching and getting new customers.

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That’s the secret to Instagram; plenty of likes from active users. With a good amount of hashtags added to the photo it will reach an even bigger audience. With 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus Instagram really is the app to get noticed.

By getting more likes on your image your message will go much further and with active users that can happen on a daily basis, several times per day is possible of course, introducing your new product or service to an audience that may not have seen it before.

Getting likes is what it’s all about on Instagram!

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