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Why the US loves Instagram

According to Statista Instagram will reach over 50 million users by 2016 in the United States alone which means that almost one in ten of the entire population of the country will be using it which for business owners is an opportunity to show people what they can do and by using platforms such as Buy real Instagram likes users can potentially grow their business by showing people what they can do and how many people like it.

Instagram is now the eighth most popular app in the United States with 76% of American teenagers actively using the app. (CBS News) And that is the important word in any social networking, ‘active’. Because if users are active with their use of the app and add likes to your images more potential customers will see them. That’s why many businesses use upmyprofile where they can find followers who will be active on a daily basis; interacting with the application which is great news for your business!

It’s interesting to note that 53% of adults in the US are now using Instagram too and with 94% of those also on Facebook the potential spread a brand or product quickly and economically is huge.

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The Americans, as ever, lead the way in social networking with the rest of the world catching up fast. Western Europe and China lead the ‘best of the rest’ but just with those demographics the target audience of any business (who has an eye on their public image) and the possibility of showing a little of their human side too.

By putting a personal stamp on some images companies in the US are making the most of Instagram. Fun images showing staff enjoying themselves or even the boss on a day off doing something different allow user, and therefore potential clients, see the personal side of any business and if it is done well the possibility of turning those users into customers is big.

Nike is the most popular brand on Instagram at the moment according to Totems List but all of the large corporates in the US use Instagram to promote their image and brand and with more and more users signing up on a daily basis the matter of getting as many likes on your images begins to become an important one for businesses which is my upmyprofile is an important tool for just that.

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