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Why it's better in pictures

By using hashtags Instagram users can categorize their photos and connect with other people within the community. Like Twitter and Flickr Instagram allows users to post and then hashtag groups images under a certain theme such as #Spain, #RealMadrid or even by using a name of a famous person for instance if that person happens to be in the news at that current time.

Many footballers and music stars are users of Instagram and keep their fans up to date with what they are doing (and of course, they are promoting themselves at the same time) by posting images and videos and in the case of music and similar businesses they can promote future events to a huge target audience.

Also for those of us that don't want to/can't be bothered to sit down and write long posts about what we've been doing Instagram is a breath of fresh air because you can simply post a picture rather than have to write it all out (possibly why it is very popular amongst footballers). And pictures tell much more of a story really anyway, conveying happiness, sadness, laughter and more which is hard to do on a social media platform where you have to try and express all that by writing it. No, leave that to the experts and boost your popularity and self-esteem if you wish and buy followers on Instagram to allow as many people as possible to see your blooming creative genius!

Also people like to look at photos and videos whereas seeing a phone screen full up with text can be very off-putting for many users. That's why many businesses are getting themselves onto Instagram and boosting the corporate image using the option to buy real Instagram Followers.

Many businesses use it as a way to promote their brand - and the people behind the scenes, the employees and many will post shots of staff and workplace goings on to bring over the 'personality' of the brand and to show that they are in touch with the client base.

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Being so cost effective to buy real Instagram followers corporations and the whole spectrum of business down to the one man band window cleaner are using Instagram to get themselves into the public, and therefore potential future clients, minds.

Unlike other social media platforms where your post will be gone from the screen as soon as others start posting Instagram allows a business, as a brand, to not worry about which posts will get the most views. They all show up all of the time in their audience's feeds.

The launch of the new video functions is also proving popular with businesses allowing them to actually talk to their audience or show real-time action of your business at work. That's why many in business choose to buy real Instagram Followers and connect with a huge audience that will get to see their posts.

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