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Stay up-to-date on recent activity on Instagram.

Choose 'Following' at the top to see the activity from people you have chosen to follow (obviously your followers can do the same to see your images too and the more followers that you have the more who will see your artwork) so make sure you build up a good following . Click on the 'You' tab to see the most recent activity by yourself, including people who've started following you on places such as UpmyProfile and you will see all of your @ mentions and likes and you can also see if you have many comments on your photos and videos

Your activity on Instagram will be displayed in Following for anyone who follows you so if you want a lot of people to see your creative side you need to make sure you have plenty of people following you so don't forget to get busy and use companies such as UpMyProfile where you can buy real likes fast for your profile.

However, be aware that if your account is set to private, only the people you've approved to follow you will be able to see your activity so make sure you are set up how you want to be!.

Search & Explore is a tool that will show you photos and videos from people that you might like. Instagram tell us that they are always working to update the types of posts and the different types of people you see in Search & Explore in order to tailor it better for you. For example, they will possibly show you photos and videos liked by those people whose posts you've liked in the past and/or posts that are liked by a big number of people using Instagram – remember to use the companies mentioned like UpmyProfile where you can buy Instagram likes fast.

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A notification will appear in Activity if your post appears on Search & Explore because it's trending in the Instagram community. You'll also get a push notification if you have notifications turned on for Instagram.

But if you do see a post in Search & Explore, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else is seeing it as only photos and videos shared publicly are allowed to show up in Search & Explore. For instance they will not show photos from people who've set their profile to private or posts shared between people using the tool Instagram Direct.

If you start using Instagram Direct you will be able to send a photo or video to a selected group of people but these Posts don't appear in your Feed, in search or in your profile.

If you want to view the 300 most recent posts you've liked you can simply go to your account settings and then tap where it says 'Posts You've Liked'.

To see the posts that you've sent with Instagram Direct, tap at the top right of your Home feed and from there you can manage posts you've sent and received from here.

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