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Tips on using Instagram


As with any type of photography lighting is so very important if you want to make great shots and the difference between a shot that has been thought about in terms of light and one that hasn't will be huge!

With the filters and tools available on Instagram users can enhance and adjust light, contrast, shadows and highlights but to give yourself the best chance of producing some great images get the light right! That way you can always gain followers who are interested in what you do or perhaps try UpMyProfile or Buy Instagram Followers and likes.

For example have you noticed how the light shines through a window at a certain time of day or how the hills look different in the morning shade? Think about the light first and foremost when taking your pics.

Get you angles right

Make your shots interesting by taking them from a different perspective to that that most people will see. Get down low and shoot upwards at a friend or child or get up as high as you can and get a bird's eye view of things to show off; it'll make your images stand out from others and followers will be more interested in something a little different to the rest of the feed.

Look around you ‐ up and down ‐ very few people do and you'll see some shots that you hadn't even realised were there. A good example to look up at a very tall building and shooting upwards gives the perspective of the building growing smaller the further it goes up the shot.

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What shape will your image be?

Remember that in Instagram all of the images that are processed are square so keep that in mind when you are looking at your shot. Taking a snap of a cruise ship from too close for example would mean that once you have cropped it in Instagram and shared with your new followers on Buy Instagram Followers and likes you will be left with a ship with neither end left on it!

Use the tools

For instance Instagram has some great borders that will help enhance your shot, all types of styles are available from artistic to vintage and even a paint brushed effect – try them out and see how a border can make that good shot even better.

Don't go overboard when using the tools mind you, sometimes the old adage of ‘a little is a lot more...' is true and in the case of fine tuning your images it is more often than not the case when adjusting photos. There are plenty of options to choose from and don't be scared to not use some or all of them at times because your shot may well be at its best the way you took it. Don't forget to share it too and to even more users by registering on Buy Instagram Followers and likes.

Also do not be afraid to crop your images down to what you really want to focus on rather than the whole picture every time. Sometimes cropping down that vintage sports car and concentrating on its colours and lines with the enhancing tool gives a much better result than showing the car in a big empty field.

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