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Why use Instagram?

Not for everyone perhaps but Instagram is a wonderful way to record day to day moments, whether they be large or small in the scale of things, or just the beautiful sunrise or sunset Instagram gives you a daily record to look back on time to time. You never know you may even start getting artistic and that view you've always enjoyed or the beach in winter suddenly take on a whole new aspect.

Have you noticed how time goes by so quickly and we suddenly realise that we're at the end of the year and what better way to look back on it that with, what could be, a large selection of images and videos recording exactly what you have been up to in the previous twelve months.

If you're really happy with your shots you can always share them with your friends and contacts to show everyone what you have been doing. For those looking to perhaps expand their audience there is always the option to buy followers on Instagram who will then (if they like them) share and promote your images and videos even further.

Another benefit of using Instagram on your phone is that we don't always, or especially when it's REALLY needed, have a camera with us all the time but most of us have our phones on us at all times and these days most are fitted with a pretty decent camera that is certainly up to the job of taking some snaps while you are out and about.

With your phone in your hand you can instantly click away and by using some of the clever software that comes with it you can really enhance some of the images or perhaps change them to monotone and add filters to give a whole new effect to your photos and videos. Soon you can have a whole gallery of amazing looking photos and videos ready to share or just keep as your own personal gallery.

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As I mentioned before Instagram is an ideal platform for creative people and allows the user to express themselves and put their own style to a series of photos that others can enjoy. The more serious will obviously look to buy followers on Instagram to expand their potential audience and even perhaps target possible clients by breaking down the demographics to make sure the people who see a particular image are potentially those that may like to use it in a commercial sense.

Another great benefit of Instagram is the ability it offers users to join up with other like-minded snappers wherever they happen to be in the world. For example an Instagram user posting lots of photos of their life as an expatriate in Spain may attract many other users who have the same sort of life, perhaps elsewhere in the world, or wish to experience that sort of life, or even just love Spain!

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