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Growing App - Instagram

Now said to be the fastest growing, and predicted to be the largest social media choice of several new generations with its popularity amongst teenagers growing day by day. 2013 was an exceptionally good year for Instagram growing its user base to 150 million monthly active users which has seen it out perform rivals such as Facebook and Twitter and indeed it achieved that milestone figure of users in half the time that it took Twitter and two years quicker than Facebook, according to recent figures.

The app which is accessed via Smartphone describes itself as, '...a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever... We imagine a world more connected through photos.'


The popularity of Instagram is clear with over 1,000 comments per second and 8,500 likes per second, happening instantly and it is also said that since its inception Instagram has seen something like 16 billion photos uploaded to the app since it first launched.

It seems that the users attracted to Instagram are growing younger with wary parents either banning or restricting time and use on sites like Facebook but they are finding that they can still share photos, Likes and comments by using Instagram.

Many adults discovered Instagram and have used it mainly as a handy way to smarten up, with special effects, their photos before sharing them with the big wide world. Its photo filters and special affects allow users to change and crop their photos before posting them with, or without, a comment attached.

Younger Audience

But now it has moved on to become a social networking app for many with hash tags defining themes of photos or comments. Parents' fears are dampened somewhat by the lack of personal information posted on Instagram which has often led to problems for youngsters on similar sites such as Facebook.

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Photo from @UpMyprofile gallery on Instagram

Instagram itself says, 'we target and intend for our user base to be 13 (years old) or older and because of legal restrictions cannot have anyone under that age using the app.'

Indeed with more and more youngsters having the use of Smartphone's the app is only destined to grow, and grow fast!

Instagram nowadays links itself to pretty much all the other social networking apps and sites and by 'sharing' a photo through Instagram the user can immediately share an image across a whole range of platforms and reach a relatively large audience in a split second. Clearly that is why Instagram is now introducing adverts (only for users in the USA at present) as its ability to reach a huge audience almost instantly, which could be a target group set by age, hobbies or pretty much anything else, will allow businesses to aim the marketing strategy and the people who are most likely to become their customers in the future.

Now in its fifth year (and its fifth year of rapid growth) Instagram has become the must have app for social networking on any Smartphone.

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